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Hotel „Omorika“ *** Tara

Room type Service type P E R I O D
From 17.11. until 30.12.2017. From 30.01. until 01.03.2018. From 01.03. until 25.04.2018. From 25.04. until 01.07.2018.
Presidential apartment Half board 5.270,00 6.200,00 6.200,00 6.200,00
Apartment Half board 4.000,00 4.700,00 4.700,00 4.700,00
Single room Half board 3.060,00 4.300,00 3.900,00 4.300,00
Double room Half board 2.550,00 3.600,00 3.400,00 3.600,00
Double room balcony Half board 2.800,00 3.800,00 3.500,00 3.800,00
Family room Half board 2.300,00 3.300,00 3.100,00 3.300,00

All prices are in Dinars, per person, per day.

A full board lunch in hotels “Omorika“ with „Javor“ and hotel „Breza“ costs extra 600,00 dinars.

Children under the age of three do not pay for the stay if they do not use anything, and the children between the age of 5 and 10 pay as follows:

  • 70% of the price if they use extra bed and food,
  • 50% of the price if they use food, but sleep with a parent.

The price does not include tourist taxes and insurance, which is being paid separately.

The guests of the hotel do not pay for the pool, sauna and the gym.

Hotels “Beli bor” and “Breza” provide a free stay for the second child (under 10) of individual guests, which applies regardless of the room structure of the duration of the stay.


Tourist agencies are granted 5% provision.




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