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Solotnik temple and the fortress


The temple was built next to the spring of Solotnik and it is dedicated to Life-bearing source of the holy mother of God. The place was chosen by bishop from Žiča Hrizostom in 2006. There is also a rebuilt watermill near the temple.

It is about 8 km far from the Kaluđerske Bare on Tara.

A metal cross which has 5 meters in height and hundreds of kilograms in weight was set up on the peak of Solotuške stene. It was transported to the peak by a helicopter, since it was extremely hard to access it. This was the only way for this gift from the common people to make it to the top of this 200 metre high rock, and to serve as a mark for the monastery below.

Solotnik (Kulinarske or Kulingrad) is situated on the stone hill which descends steeply to Solotuška River, so it is impossible to get near it from the north, west or east - the only available way is from the south, or southeast to be more precise.

It is certain that it was built in Middle Ages (XIII or XIV century) in order to secure a safe road from Užice to Višegrad, but in its vicinity there are remains of settlement from the age of Celts and Romans, which can indicate that the fortress here was permanent.

Today, only ruins are left from the Solotnik. The entrance tower was ruined before World War

Two, so it has almost disappeared today. There is still a 7m high rampart instead of rectangular donjon tower which existed at the northeast corner of the fortress which is connected to lower remains of the rampart about 3 meters high. In the city interior the remains of multistory buildings and a water tank can be seen.


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