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Rača monastery

Only 16 kilometers from the hotel complex on Tara, hidden in the valley of a mountain stream which flows into Drina, a monastery Rača is situated. It is believed that it is an endowment of king Dragutin from the end of 13th century.

This holy place was ruined and rebuilt repeatedly, and it was the beacon of Serbian literacy in the Middle Ages. Its refugee monks rewrote books and guarded the living language of our ancient land even in the far north – in Đura and Szentendre.

It is interesting that the monastery Rača first started tourism on Tara by building a mountain home between two world wars.

During the World War Two, between 1941 and 8th of July 1943, the monastery kept the most precious book of Serbian literature – Miroslav gospel, which represents the oldest preserved book written in Serbian language. In 1941 Germans robbed the monastery, and then, on the 16th of October 1943, a Bulgarian punishment expedition robbed the monastery once again and they also burned the shelters.

In the immediate vicinity of the monastery there is the Walking track Rača, which is one of the easier walking tracks.It starts at the monastery Rača and it leads to the spring of Lađevac at the entrance to the Nature reserve “Rača gorge”. The length of the track is 2100 meters.


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