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As a facility that provides high quality service in tourism and catering, we have expanded our services to team building programs as well.
Lately, most of the companies are introducing team building programs, in order to improve the cooperation and mutual respect between coworkers through teamwork, fun and education. In this way, they increase the loyalty and enthusiasm of the employees, which directly increases their productivity and efficiency. Companies usually opt for team building programs in order to advance the communication between departments or business units, or to make the employees fit in more easily, to recognize strengths of the employees (leadership, taking the initiative), to increase the team’s productivity, or to increase the satisfaction of the workers with the working environment.
Zbog svojih kapaciteta, sadržaja i prirodnog okruženja, boravak na Tari je idealna prilika za organizaciju ovakvog događaja.
Because of it capacities, amenities and natural setting, staying on Tara is an ideal chance for organizing these types of events. Regardless of the type of the team building program you have chosen, we can offer you complete logistics in the organization of the following activities:

1. Team education according to topics that are interesting to you or you can leave the choice to us, workshops are being held in one of the suitable halls, fully equipped.

2. Recreational program is being conducted in the hotel and it can fulfill many needs (pool, sauna, gym, bowling hall, table tennis, massage, manicure, pedicure, etc.). In the vicinity of the hotel there are courts for tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, a 1,900-meter-long jogging track together with necessary equipment, 10-kilometer-long walking tracks and more than 120 km long marked climbing tracks, some of which are very demanding. We can offer you a number of organized recreational programs of different levels and duration:

- fun team games
- orienteering,
- tracking – many directions of different length between 4 and 20 km.
- conquering the Rača canyon with the elements of alpinism,
- jogging track with mandatory use of obstacles
- sports competitions on the courts near the hotel or inside the hotel (pool, gym, bowling hall, table tennis), paint ball,
- bus day trips (around the national park Tara, to Mokra Gora, to Perućac with boat rides or rafting down the river Drina, etc)

3. Entertainment program in one of the halls in the hotel, national cuisine restaurant with music (a possibility of karaoke program).

music program in the national cuisine restaurant,
- karaoke program,
- disco – bar
- fun games with music program

If you hired an agency or you have your own resources for the realization of team building activities, we offer you our team of trainers with many years of experience.

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