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Predov Krst

Predov Krst (Predo’s cross) is a boundery between ridges in the farthest part of Tara, surrounded by a curve of Perućac lake on Drina, far from roads, in the last kingdom of bears in this country. No one goes by here, except for the nature lovers who set off for this oasis for forest rangers and border guards (border of Serbia is nearby) with an intention. From Predov krst there is a gravel road 20 km long along the ridges of Tara up to lake Zaovine and Mitrovac. This road should definately be used anytime the weather allows it. The northwest of Tara’s massif represents one of the most preserved parts of Serbia and Europe. In this area there are 3 nature reserves: mountain Zvezda, Brusnica and Karaula štula, and they represent refugees and one of the last inhabitants of tertiary plant and animal species.

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