The place where beauty begins...

Hotels “Omorika” and “Beli Bor” on Tara provide excellent conditions for organizing school trips, organized schooling, teaching in the nature, sports camps, etc.
Good climate conditions, untouched nature, healthy food and well-organized activities make the stay more pleasant and useful.

The accommodation is organized in double, triple and quadruple rooms (with TVC, phone, TV – satellite program)
Food covers three main meals and snacks.
For educational activities there are designated premises in the hotel and summer classrooms in the nature – “City of Friendship”. A Wooden city for kids has been built, and it is consisted of eight pavilions suitable for the conduction of courses, workshops, cultural and entertaining programs.
Entertaining and recreational program is organized by professional trainers and entertainers. Health protection is granted 24/7. The vicinity of cultural and historic monuments attracts many excursions into this neighborhood (National park Tara, Perućac lake, Drina canyon, Rača monastery, Mokra Gora with the Šargan eight and ethno village, Mećavnik, Soko Grad, Kadinjača, etc).
During the stay it is possible to organize day trips to Mokra Gora, riding “Ćira” train or around the National park Tara with a visit to Rača monastery, or organizing theatre plays as well etc.


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