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Viewpoint Banjska Stena

The viewpoint is located 10 kilometers from Mitrovac. The road to the viewpoint is clearly marked, and there are benches and a safety fence at the top of it. The name Banjska stena comes from Banjsko vrelo, which is a spring at the foot of the viewpoint. The spring was of karst origin with water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Banja (Turkish for spa, resort) denotes a place with warm water. The citizens of Tara used this water even during the winter because it was always warm. Banjsko vrelo was flooded in the construction of lake Perućac.
Under the viewpoint there is Banjsko točilo, a scree that was used in the 19th century for the transport of wood. Timbers were transported down the river by making rafts out of them which floated down Drina to Belgrade. Banjsko točilo is 1300 meters long and today it is covered by herbs, some of them very rare plants, characteristic of screes.
From the viewpoint there is a wonderful view over the lake Perućac, Drina canyon, Osata area in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Lake Perućac is an artificial lake 52 km long, and it was made by damming of Drina in 1966, for the construction of hydroelectric plant Bajina Bašta. Today, the lake is one of the biggest attractions of these parts. Here you can enjoy boat riding, swimming, sports fishing...
Osat is an area on the left side of the middle part of Drina, also known as a strong building centre in the 19th century. Artisans from Osat built many houses and churches around the Central and Western Serbia. Characteristic for its architecture – log cabins in Tara got the name osaćanka.


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