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The mountain Tara and hotels “Omorika” and “Beli Bor” provide all the conditions for sportsmen’s training.
Altitude of 1000 meters, very favorable climate conditions, high number of sunny days, coniferous forests and sports courts, are all the guartee of good conditions for sports training in different disciplines.
In the immediate vicinity of the hotels there are football grass pitches, an additional football pitch, two tennis courts with clay surface, two tennis courts with hard surface, two handball courts, five basketball courts, two jogging tracks in the pine forest 2500 meters in length and with all the necessary sports equipment.
In the hotel there is a pool 25x12.5 meters in dimensions, a sauna, gym, an automatic bowling hall, and table tennis halls.
Numerous professional sportsmen, national representatives, world record breakers and Olympic winners are being prepared on these courts.
The hotel “Beli Bor” has organized sports camps and schools for years. A basketball camp has the longest tradition and provides a court with spotlights, so the training can be conducted late at night.


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