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Hotel "Breza" is placed in the largest and most popular national spa - Vrnjačka Banja. In central Serbia, not more than 200 km away from Belgrade. On woody hillsides of mountain Goč, blessings of mild and picturesque nature of Vrnjačka Banja offer to its ecery visitor health, peace and quietude.

Good connection of local main roads makes this spa very accessible to every guest.

Even the old romans were familiar with medical properties of mineral waters of this place, and they built here a healthresort in II century A.D, the proof of which are archeological remains.

Along the canyon of river Ibar, which looks as if it were shaped by an artist, old monasteries Žiča, Studenica, Gradac, Sopoćani and Đurđevi stupovi preserve and pass on the past glory of ancient Serbia.

Hotel "Breza" is placed at the very centre of Vrnjačka Banja, at the intersection of warm and cold mineral springs, by the main promenade of our spa. Designed according to the higest standards in modern hotel building, it fits perfectly in the natural surroundongs.

At hotel "Breza" guest have 224 beds, rooms and suites with bathrooms, central heating, telephones and television sets (satelit) at their disposal. Of the total number of rooms, half of the room has a mobile air-conditioner.Hotel guests can spend enjoyable moments at the spacious air-conditional restaurant overlooking the park and promenade, at the cafe or the hotel drawing-room. Air-conditional banquet-room is suitable for various seminars and expert meetings. An aperitiv bar, an indoor semiolympic swiming-pool, a hair dressing salon, room for table tenis, a reception room and a builtin garage are at disposal to all guests throughout the year. Special attention is paid to healty nutrition of guests.


Four springs of warm and cold salutary mineral water in Vrnjačka Banja are recommendable for treatinggastroenteritis, pancreas, metabolic disorders, kidneys, disorders of the urinary tract, as well as cardio-vascular diseases.


Rewards: "Spa flower 1991", "Golden diplom" - the best hotel in year in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sacen 1997, "The best hotel in Vrnjačka Banja" 2001, "Golden touristic heart" Sacen 2002, "Prism 2003" for the new quality in tourism, "Best hotel" Fair Lorist 2003.



Price per person per day. Price in RSD.
Supplement for full-board is 450 RSD.
The price of bed and breakfast is 95% of the half-board price for chosen accomodation unit.
Daily accommodation means spending at most eight hours at the hotel, and it it costs 50% of the half-board price of the accommodation unit the guest is using.
Discount for children:
Children aged 5 - 10 years may use discount on the prices, such as:
  • if they use a separate bed and three meals, the discount given is 30%
  • if they share bed with one parent, as well as three meals, the discount paid 50%
Children aged 3 - 10 years can use only one type of discount
Children younger than three years of age don't pay for their accommodation costs.


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